Welcome to my work bench! This is where the creative journey in jewellery making begins. My name is Leanne I’m from Brooklin Ontario and I’m the jewellery designer and maker behind Flora Lea Jewellery.

The Work

I love the creative process of “hand making” it’s my favourite part of jewellery designing. Manipulating and transforming materials with my hands and my tools into an object that began from an idea into an object that holds my individual touch and my relationship to it. Nature has been my greatest inspiration throughout my artistic journey in an abstract sense through texture, colour, form and simplicity. Using a variety of metals like copper, silver, gold and brass I aspire to make all components myself making each piece handmade and unique. My current collection consists of hand cut discs, leaves, squares and linear ear wires textured by hammering, oxidizing a patina, and incorporating colourful natural gemstones.

My jewellery is ideal for everyday, modern & a bit rustic, simple design with hints of colour and sparkle. I also create one of kind pieces, custom pieces for individuals, or groups like wedding parties. I welcome you to browse through my shop!


I attended The Ontario College of Art & Design focusing on many disciplines including ceramics, jewellery, print making, drawing & painting. I did my Major in Ceramics at College and made pottery for 14 years. I then worked with textiles, making my own purses and bags and silk screen printing my original images on them. For a few years when my daughter was under 10 years old I was local a face painter for children’s Birthday parties and events. After taking some time off to be with my family I started Flora Lea Jewellery.

What’s Next? My future goal is to make my own glass beads to showcase with my metal work.

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